Bike School Policies

  • All clinics/tours are final and non-refundable.
  • Absences will not be refunded or made-up.
  • If you are late for a clinic/tour, that time will be forfeited from your clinic/tour.
  • Parking here at Hilltop Ski Area can be challenging at times. We recommend arriving early to experience the full clinic/tour time.
  • If Hilltop Bikes School cancels a group clinic/tour for any reason, a makeup clinic/tour will be offered at the discretion of Hilltop Bike School. If you cannot attend the makeup clinic/tour we provide, you will forfeit the value of that clinic/tour.
  • We do not guarantee weather or conditions, open terrain or   number of lifts operating.
  • If you are renting equipment here, we recommend arriving here at least thirty minutes to an hour ahead of time to collect your rental gear and to experience the whole clinic/tour time.
  • Every student will need to fill out a “Bike School Liability Waiver” and a “Bike Park Liability Waiver” for the current bike season. Students age 17 and under will need a parent or guardian to sign for them for the current bike season.
  • Students in group clinics will ride the lift unaccompanied.
  • Parents/guardians are required to pick up children at the end of clinics/tours, unless the child is age 8 or older and the parent/guardian has signed a “Permission To Stay Late” form that allows the child to “free ride” unsupervised.
  • Students age 13+ will be dismissed at the end of their clinic/tour regardless of whether a parent/guardian is present.
  • A minimum of 24-hours’ notice is required to change a private coaching session/tour time and date.
  • All private coaching sessions/tours must be completed before the end of the current bike season.
  • Most clinics/tours come with a complimentary lift ticket for the whole day if students don’t already have a season pass. The bike school lift ticket or airbag ticket is only valid the day of the clinic/tour and is non-transferable. Lift/airbag tickets are for the student only.

Drone Policy

Due to safety and privacy concerns, Hilltop Ski Area prohibits the operation or use on or above Hilltop property of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public—including model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists. This prohibition extends to any devices launched or operated from Hilltop property, as well as any launched from private property outside of the area boundaries.  Any authorized operation of drones on or above Hilltop property will be governed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, local law enforcement, as well as those policies separately established by Hilltop, which may include certification, training, insurance coverage, indemnification requirements, and waivers or releases of liability.  Any violation of this policy may involve suspension of your access privileges to the area, or the revocation of your season pass, as well as confiscation of any prohibited equipment, and may subject violators to any liability for damages, including, but not limited to, damages for trespass, violations of privacy, and physical injuries to persons and/or property, as well as legal fees.

Lift Tickets

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable and non-transferable.  Lift tickets purchased on our website are date specific and Hilltop holds no responsibility to wrongly selected date.  Tickets will not be adjusted for the wrong date selection.  

Management is not responsible if ticket is lost and tickets may be revoked without refund at any time by management for misconduct of or nuisance caused by the holder

To purchase a free child 7 and under ticket you must purchase a full price adult/military/senior ticket (10 Day ticket packages do not qualify to free child tickets). 

Discounted products of any type are not redeemable online.  This includes free tickets for children 7 and under.  If you bought a full priced ticket online bring your pass or receipt to the ticket office to redeem your free child pass.  


We love dogs here at Hilltop, but they are NOT allowed at the ski area when we are open and in operation.  This includes the base area around the lodge.  During times of non-operation please be respectful of the area and pick up after your dog.  

Uphill Access

Due to maintenance and operational requirement such as grooming, snowmaking, construction, and special events Hilltop does NOT allow uphill traffic.  We ask that users restrict themselves to the trails surrounding Hilltop.

Allowed Devices

Hilltop winter operations are designed for use by the skiing/riding guests using alpine or snowboard equipment affixed to their feet by a range of binding systems and standardized adaptive ski devices and equipment for individuals with disabilities. As such, the acceptance of any device without an appropriate binding system is closely reviewed by Hilltop’s management team and must be approved by Hilltop, prior to the use of any such equipment. If you have a request to use a device to access Hilltop, please see a manager. 

In general, devices must have a binding system and/or a leash or other retention devices, as well as full metal edges on the sliding surface. The leash must be worn at all times, including on lifts and when sliding. Hilltop does allow, bi-deck snowskates that have a leash and metal edges. 

Currently Hilltop does not allow snow bikes.

Please note that no foot passengers* are permitted on chairlifts during the winter season.
*Event specific exceptions may be made.


There is no sledding at Hilltop.  


There is no smoking or vaping in lift lines, on lifts or within 50’ of buildings.

Kids in backpacks

Children are not allowed to ride lifts or down the hill while in backpacks or carriers.