Donation Requests

If you’re representing a youth-focused, local organization and you are seeking a donation for an upcoming event, we hope we can help your cause!

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Hilltop Ski Area is a non-profit organization too. We want to help broaden our impact, if we can.
  • We are pleased to support the fund-raising efforts of youth-focused, registered 501(c)(3) organizations located within about 150 miles of the ski area.
  • We are a year round operation and processing requests can take up to two weeks. Please be patient, especially November through March and June through September. We will do our best to process donation requests when we have time.
  • Vouchers will be issued to organizations by request. The number of vouchers will be reviewed by Hilltop Management and issued at the behest of Hilltop Management. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or used after their expiration date.

To receive a gift voucher of lift tickets for your fundraising event, please contact us at 907-346-1446 or