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Funding Opportunity

Dear Assembly Member,

I am writing to you as an Anchorage resident in support of Hilltop Ski Area receiving ARPA funds for the Chairlift Upgrade and the Surface Conveyor Lift projects.  Hilltop is a non-profit ski area whose mission is to provide educational and recreational opportunities for Anchorage-area youth.   

A working chairlift is the heart of a ski area. The current chairlift at Hilltop is almost forty years old.    When the chairlift breaks, it can sometimes take days or weeks to get parts.  A breakdown causes a stop to snowsport lessons causing disappointed students and refunds or rescheduling. 

When a beginner comes to Hilltop to learn to ski or snowboard they use the current rope tow to learn. It can be very challenging to learn using the rope tow.  Some beginners are never successful in using this lift, resulting in the student becoming frustrated and fatigued.  Technology has come a far way over the years and a surface conveyor lift will help to make the experience easier to learn and enjoy. 

Hilltop sustains itself through year-round operations, but being a non-profit makes it difficult to get funding for large capital projects. 

I urge you to support both projects that you are considering.  Both the chairlift upgrade and the surface conveyor will help beginners learn to ski and snowboard, new lifts will insure viability for the next 40 years of the ski area.


Assembly Contacts

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