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HART (Hilltop Alpine Race Team)

HART team

Providing Both Competitive and Recreational Alpine Ski Programs


This Alpine Competitive Program will emphasize skill development through free skiing, drills and gates in a variety of winter environments while emphasizing the tactical part of ski racing. This exposure and mileage in and out of gates becomes the foundation for all future development and success as an alpine ski racer. We define success at each age grouping by increased individual improvement and individual success. The younger age group (U12) focus on fun and the development of basic fundamental athletic skills, strength, technique and stamina. In the U14 and older programs athletes begin to optimize specific sport skills and fitness toward competing in their sport. This program offers year round training, potential travel, and a variety of competitive race opportunities. Whether your child is chasing an Olympic dream, hoping to compete in college or race at a competitive level through U18, HART Ski Club certified coaches, assistant coaches and staff are passionate in helping each athlete discover and realizing their full potential at whatever competitive level your athlete aspires to.


Moving up from the Devo’s program, athletes continue to build a strong technical base and learn to excel in all aspects of skiing, from freeskiing steeps and powder to to top-level racing. This 3- day program is a great introduction to ski racing through skiing moguls, powder, and steeps in addition to some Slalom and Giant Slalom gate training and race-specific drills.  At this level they will compete at the Youth Ski League races (YSL) and potentially some USSA ski races depending upon age and ability. Our athletes have the opportunity the excel to the best of their ability while having fun with their coaches and fellow athletes.


This program introduces the fundamentals of alpine ski racing to young athletes. The program’s philosophy is to encourage self-confidence, discover what a sense of accomplishment fells like, and learn/improve good sportsmanship supporting all those they ski with and compete against. Most importantly, we strive to have fun on the mountain through a positive racing experience all the while making sure they learn the foundation of ski skills and instilling a passion for skiing that can last a life time. The Devo’s athletes have an opportunity to participate in all the Youth Ski League races during the season. Their coaches work hard to build that strong fundamental foundation to skiing, training gates, as well as ample time to explore the entire mountain free skiing with their coaches and fellow athletes.


A fun filled introduction to racing for ages 5-6 year olds. They will build on the basic skills they already have. This age group will get to participate in Youth Ski League races developed to introduce these athletes into racing in a fun environment.